Paula Young

When you think of a winter storm, you might think of snow days, snow men, snow angels, snow ball fights, sledding, ice skating, and hot chocolate!  But there is a more to a winter storm than that!

What if you awakened to snow up to or over your windows?  Or an ice storm that glazes all the trees, and cause power outages? That’s a winter storm!   

     But what is a winter storm?

It is weather that only happens when water freezes (32 degrees F, or 0 degrees C). 

They also occur when warm moist Pacific air hits the Rocky Mountains.  The higher you go, the colder the air (usually), so the clouds dump their moisture as snow.  Sometimes lots and lots of snow. 

  So what’s the big deal—you get snow! Freezing rain makes roads and highways very slick, and lots of accidents can happen.

Ice storms may look pretty when all the trees are covered with ice, but water can also freeze on power lines.  The ice can be quite heavy, sometimes bringing down power lines, which is very dangerous!

Close your eyes and think for a minute about all of the things you use that run on electricity.  Could you go a day or more without those? 

Write them down Here:

     Here’s my list:


            Cell phone



            Hair dryer


And that’s just a few!! I experienced one a while back that lasted a week. 

     How can you prepare for a winter storm?

Here are a few suggestions.  Maybe you can think of some more!

  • Keep your devices charged.  Plug in your cell phone or tablet into your charger every night. 
  • Fill your water bottle.
  • Make a winter storm plan with your family. 
  • Check your flashlights, and know where they are.
  • Check your first aid kit for supplies.  Is it ready?
  • Ask about bringing your pets inside.

     What is a blizzard?

Blizzards are really big snow storms with lots of wind.  Big drifts can form. 

When I lived in a rural area we had a blizzard.  My neighbors couldn’t get out of their house, because big drifts formed outside of both of their doors.  We had to dig them out! 

     Last on the list is to check school closings!  There’s nothing like a snow day!


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