The Next Generation Science Standards: An Introduction

By Paula E. Young

In this course, you’ll get the background and genesis of the standards and conclude with assessment of the three dimensions (3-D) of learning. In between, you will discover the relationship between A Framework for K–12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), science learning progressions, 3-D learning and instruction, and engineering practices and design.


  • UNDERSTAND the origins and development of the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • UNDERSTAND the philosophy of the three-part structure of the NGSS and analyze how these standards can address the achievement gap in science.
  • UNDERSTAND how the NGSS are built on the notion that learning is a developmental progres- sion that reflects increasing sophistication of student thinking across grade levels.
  • UNDERSTAND how the 5E Learning Model can be applied to the three-dimensional instruction of the NGSS.
  • UNDERSTAND the practices unique to engineer- ing and the engineering design process.
  • DESCRIBE the components necessary to assess three-dimensional learning.


Module 1 Why the Next Generation Science Standards Now?

Module 2 Understanding the Three-Dimensional Architecture of the NGSS

Module 3 Progressions: Building Understanding Over Time

Module 4 NGSS Implications for Science Instruction Plan

Module 5 Engineering in the NGSS

Module 6 Assessing Three-Dimensional Science Learning


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