Smithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments: 50+ quick, easy and awesome projects for kids

     Whether you need ideas for Science Fair experiments, or have a child with an interest in science, you will love Steve Spangler’s 10-MINUTE SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS.  Noted for his high-interest, showy activities, every child will love this book.  As a teacher I would use these science gems in the exploration phase of a science lesson.  In doing the activity the child makes a discovery that “is really cool!”  This gives your students or child background in a concept that makes them want to learn more. 

     My only concern is the approach seems to be limited to “THE Scientific Method” of studying phenomena, and not the broader approach touted by the Next Generation Science Standards, which utilizes the Scientific Method in investigations, but shows that a complete understanding of a concept can be much more. ( I looked for NGSS alignment, but did not find such.  If you have more luck than I did, let me know where!  

     Each experiment includes a materials list, directions in photos and words, a “How does It Work” explanation, and a “Did You Know” fun fact.  The materials used are generally things you would have around the house.  Some activities include a “Take It Further” section with questions to promote additional investigation.  There is also a bubble at the beginning with purposeful questions.  There is a section on Science Safety that every parent should read before beginning any of the investigations.

     Let your 7-11 year old children bring science into your kitchen or backyard with these experiments.  Who wouldn’t enjoy a soap soufflé, chemistry rockets, bubbling lava lamps, disappearing money, musical straws or simple slime? A good, if not messy, time will be had by all!  You can find this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  or Books A Million.

Spangler, Steve. Smithsonian 10-Minute Science Experiments. Media Lab Books, 2019.

ISBN-10: 1948174111   ISBN-13: 978-1948174114