I was immediately drawn into astronaut Clayton Anderson’s story about his amazing adventures aboard the space station by the unique format of sending letters to family and friends.  The illustrations created by Susan Batori were humorous, creative, and sure to capture a child’s attention (ages 4—9), as well as showing the concepts Clayton describes.    

Clayton includes little known tidbits of his life aboard the space station.  I had no idea that fluids collect in one’s head, making you look like a bobble-head in the weightless environment.  I never thought about an astronaut’s disposable underwear.  How would a spider weave a web in weightless conditions?  Would it be the same as on Earth? 

I’ve always wondered what it felt like to take a spacewalk and work outside a space ship!  I think someone would have to be very brave to do it!  I know I couldn’t!  Another thing I’ve wondered about is eating in space.  A space shuttle astronaut acquaintance of mine said he never ate much, but he wasn’t on the space station for 152 days! 

For the science geeks like me, Clayton includes one letter about Newton’s First Law of Motion with a brilliant example, and information about the Scientific Method and experiments in space.  In addition there is much more information in the last section titled PS FROM THE ASTRONAUT, where Clayton shares even more about NASA experiments and living and working in space. 

The most important thing he shares is that this experience is his dream come true. Hopefully, this book will inspire more future astronauts to pursue their dreams. You can find that magnificent book at Amazon , Barnes & Noble, and Books A Million .

Anderson, Clayton C, and Susan Batori. Letters from Space. Ann Arbor, Michigan, Sleeping Bear Press, 2020.   ISBN-10 : 1534110747    ISBN-13 : 978-1534110748


3-PS2-1 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence of the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the motion of an object.

Performance Expectation Grade: 3-5