Interview with Scott Brundage, Illustrator

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The Mary Kay Carson Interview

I was so excited to find that Mary Kay Carson had posted her interview with Mark Perzel (NPR Book Club) on Face book! Yes, I captured the link, as I have just reviewed this book on my blog! I learned a lot about Mary Kay and the research she has done in producing this book. First of all, the beautiful photographs in the book are by her husband! Next, she said it took two years to accumulate all of the necessary research from the three parks in her book. Imagine the timing required to be at the Smokey Mountain National Park during the two week period the lightening bugs glow, or avoiding Saguaro National Park in the heat of the summer and Yellowstone in winter.

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The Clayton “Astro Clay” Anderson Interview

I had an amazing opportunity to interview Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson, author of THE ORDINARY SPACEMAN and A IS FOR ASTRONAUT!  Here’s what he had to say! CLICK HERE For The Full Interview!

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