Dear Sun, Dear Moon

With the “Great American Solar Eclipse” rapidly approaching (Aug. 21, 2017), teachers, parents, and grandparents are frantically searching for books on eclipses for their students/children. Deborah Paggi’s book is a cleverly written conversation between the Sun and the Moon, each touting the attributes of the other.  It would be a lovely one to share with your children, even if an eclipse weren’t approaching.  Sprinkled with science concepts about the sun and moon in a storybook fashion, this text is sure to be a hit with K—3rd grade children.  Not to be a spoiler, but the story ends with the sun and moon coming together in an eclipse.  Gayle Cole’s beautiful illustrations ensure this will be a bedtime or story time favorite.

This book is available at Amazon in Kindle and paperback, and Barnes & Noble in paperback

Also check out my “Resources”  page for lots of internet sites with information on various aspects of the “Great American Solar Eclipse!”

Paggi, Deborah. DEAR SUN, DEAR MOON. Rosewell, NM: MICHELKIN, 2016. Print.

ISBN 978-0-9980672-2-3



Use observations of the sun, moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted.