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As a retired science teacher of 33 years, I want to share my love of science with my grandchildren, and children everywhere.  My two muses, ages 3 (pen name Rosetta) and 6 (pen name Coral), have agreed to assist me with this project.  So in addition to my opinions on various books, you will sometimes find my two younger cohorts’ thoughts as well!  I welcome your comments on our selections.  Perhaps our site will assist teachers, librarians, parents, and grandparents in choosing great science books and activities to share.

In addition to teaching science in grades 7–12, I have worked with my state’s assessment program, and worked with districts all over my state to improve science instruction K–12, and align curricula to the latest science standards.  I have accumulated a huge science library that includes both children’s books and science activity books for parents and teachers K–12.  I have also worked with a textbook company writing and aligning lessons K–8.  Thus, I plan to also review books for parents and teachers to use to find activities for children that require minimal materials, yet provide a quality discovery experience for children.